Battle of the Books 2014-15 Flash Cards

I was surprised not to find a lot of information and material for the Battle of the Books online. For example sample questions, or flash cards. The American BOB publishes a book list. For each level, they have three versions short (10 books) medium (20 books), and standard (30 books). Here are some flashcards I […]

Why Baptizing Little Children is Wrong

I was baptized, when I was a couple days old, into the Lutheran church. My mom was beautiful, my dad handsome, and I had no clue of what was going on. My parents decided to baptize me. The Lutheran faith believes that if you are not baptized, you go to hell. My mom was a […]

Why is There Suffering?

I gained some more understanding this week on why there is so much suffering in the world, and why we have trials. I’ve heard some people say that someone “deserved all the trouble they are in”, or “God is punishing them”, or even that “God is not a loving God because He allows so much […]

Finland – Denmark 5-1!

Calling All Statesmen

It seems to me like the society has changed a lot in the past couple of weeks, the trade agreement fast track and the gay marriage, for example. Those changes and the general disposition of politicians are worrisome to me, but maybe not for the obvious reasons. The Trade Agreement The president went against his own party with […]

How to Access Absolute Truth

Last week I wrote about absolute truth. This week I read in the scriptures and was reminded of how we can access that truth. The “formula” is quite simple, but there are tricks in the execution. The Formula The way to gain absolute knowledge is to ask God. The scriptures say: For behold, again I […]

Absolute Truth

Is there such a thing as absolute truth? I think there is. Some people say it is found with science, but I think that reasoning is flawed. The source of absolute truth is only found outside of our realm, with God. Science is not the Answer to Everything Just because the scientific method is a […]

My Yearly Post About Time

A couple years ago I wrote about different calendar and time systems. Interestingly, I have had my wristwatch in UTC since I wrote that post. Changing to use UTC was not as hard as I imagined. I still use it. Last week I heard about another interesting time concept, the 10,000 year clock. Their implementation […]

Test-Driven Development

I just finished a three-day training course on Test-Driven Development (TDD) by Industrial Logic. It was jam packed with really great information. Luckily they gave us online access to all the material so that i can review it later. It was too much to digest in the class. I recommend that course to anyone. Often […]


Jekyll is a blogging framework for the software engineers. You write posts in the command line, and they appear in your blog.  Granted, there are better blogging frameworks, but this is an interesting one. When you create a git repository and push it to a remote repository, you have a great system for capturing for lab […]